Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Canyonlands - White Rim Trail

In June 2014 we joined Brooke and Darcy to ride the 100-mile White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park, with Andy, Reb and Huck driving the support vehicle.  It was stunning to drop (and climb) through millions of years of geology with each descent and climb.  Here are photos of our 4-day adventure.
Darcy and Brooke, who took the key step in getting permits!
Darcy tackled loading the rig.
The adventure begins (l-r): Darcy, Reb, Brooke, Gene, Andy, Meredith, and Huck

Gene and Brooke

Andy, support vehicle extraordinaire.

Here you can really see the white rim feature.

Stunning scenery!  What an amazing world.

Toy Gene in Brooke's hands.

Washer Woman rock formation

The riders: Darcy, Brooke, Gene, Meredith

Reb, before (or maybe after) a run!

The bugs were so bad on 2 of the nights that we ate inside a tent.

Yum.  Nothing like car camping!


Huck, age 4, rode 4 miles of the trail on his Strider.  Pretty awesome.

When he finally got tired, he climbed onto Gene and rode into the lunch break spot like a cape.

Shade, glorious shade.

Meredith in the palm of Gene's hand.

Gene and Darcy

Delicious flavor and scenery.

Reb and Huck, cutie pies.

After photo.  We did it!

We rallied 30 miles before noon on the last day in order to make it over to Slickrock...

Wow, that rock is sticky.