Friday, February 27, 2009

Dog Doo, Dissected

Just as I was cataloging my photos relating to dog poop (42 at last count), I received an email from my friend, Joanne. She is a retired professor of microbiology, and recently wrote an article that explains the composition of dog doo titled, "Poison Poop."

It's good shit. (The article, not the poo.) (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The last time I wrote about dog doo, I was focused more on the re-use opportunity for small, plastic bags. I'm glad to know more; now I have even more ammo for when I chastise my mother for not picking up her dog's poop (sorry, Mom). Thanks, Joanne!


CCS said...

Meredith, you have been reading my mind! Every day I leave my apartment in Rio and laugh at this hilarious sign (which doesn't work) asking dogs not to crap on the sidewalk. I keep thinking how funny it would be to document dog doo signs around the world. Now that I know you are, I will take a photo of that sign! I'll send it to you soon.

basta bosta!


elvira said...

I think a big part of the problem (I cannot count how many times at work - in a Portland Park - I or one of the students I was teaching stepped in or found dog poop) is that many dog owners have their dog off leash where they are not supposed to (a US$150 fine is now in place for owners who have their dog off leash in areas where they are supposed to be leashed and if they do not scoop the poop) ... so when your dog is running around out of sight, how do you know where it pooped??