Friday, March 13, 2009

Brown Suits, Orange Bins, Big Brooms

This is the uniform and equipment of the waste workers in Oaxaca. They go around and service all of the public garbage cans. They also knock on the doors of people that do not want to bring their garbage to the garbage truck.

This is the book by an author, Alejandro Calvo Camacho, about the composition of waste in the municipalities surrounding Oaxaca. I didn't get to talk with him, but I sure like his book. I bet I'll like it even more when my Spanish improves.

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Julie Marie Ramirez said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure/learning experience you are on! I'm curious what information you gathered on recycling in Oaxaca. I've lived here for a few years and haven't managed to find a reliable location to take my recyclables.