Thursday, August 6, 2009

Deschutes River, 2009

Last weekend (August 1-2), I went on a fun rafting trip on the Deschutes River with seven other ladies.

We all had a good time jumping off the columnar jointing (that's the fancy geology term for the basaltic hexagonal columns) at one section of the river. Jess captured this good one of Bree and me. Yippeee!

When we were pulling into our campground, someone said, "This place has a phoenix!" At first I thought they were talking about a bird. [yawn] Then they explained, "A phoenix is a special composting toilet." Sign me up! It was very nice, with a bin of wood chips and a little scoop to add after every deposit.


Unknown said...

Great shot! How was the landing?

Tina said...

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