Friday, March 7, 2014

Energy and Vitality

Energy.  That's what I'm noticing the beginning of this year.  Whether it's running through parks looking at the fresh buds pushing out on trees branches, creating collateral about anaerobic digestion and biogas through my work with Harvest Power, or connecting with family and friends in-between work trips, lately I have been keenly aware of the forces of nature pulsing through each of us and our environment.  A few energetic snapshots from January and February of this year…
Running through Tryon Life Park with triad-mates Hanisi and Katie
Tapping into Thug Kitchen's awesome spinach smoothie (thanks to amazing blender from Rachel) in Harvest Power pint glasses.  Yum!
Setting up Harvest's booth at the US Composting Council Conference
The Soren-Wald kiddos finding endless amusement with my luggage.

My mom pushing her ice boat out.

Aunt Sandy

Leigh and Me

It's such a cool landscape to be out on the ice.  This is in the middle of the Navesink River.

An ice boat has a flat bottom and is perched on runner planks with blades.  When the wind is blowing it goes so fast -- it's essentially sailing minus friction.
Yup, that's my mom.

Bill R and my dad rig up his boat.

Paddle Tennis Champion Sandy with Meredith, Alicia, Mark and Basil.  Such a fun, quick game!

Gotta squeeze in a walk on the beach.

Tony and his ball.


Mom's painting of Thomas and Hannah in Argentina.

Snowed in at B'sie's in Connecticut

Snowy feeding 
Boston prank, looked way cuter in real life.

The next generation abounds!  Oscar, Victor, and Anne in Somerville. 
Holy moley Harvest Power was named 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company -- so cool!

Couldn't resist picking this up as a gift for a talented colleague.

Telly-ing with Sally outside of Eugene

A complete night o' fun with a Party Bus, Trampoline World,  and dancing with (clockwise) Gene, Johnny G, Becky B, Katie P, myself and Patty B.

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