Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diapers: It's Why the Meat is So Tender

Here I am camped out in a beautiful spot called La Ventana, on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Between learning Spanish and kiteboarding, I make my rounds up into the arroyo (an intermittent riverbed that serves as the local trash drop-off) and the more formalized dump (a smoldering pit with goat carcasses, glass bottles, rusty cans, and the occasional shredded windsurf sail).

For a variety of reasons, I have been considering adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Yesterday, I was eating an amazing meal of rice, beans, and beef, and exclaimed, "This is delicious! The meat is so tender." A friend replied, "It's the diapers."

Sure enough, going up into the dump this morning I came across some cows chewing on diapers and cardboard.

[The connection isn't so strong at the moment; I'll try and upload a picture or two later today.]


David Ross said...

Sounds like a good transformation of trash into treasure?

Meredith Sorensen said...

I guess so... what a positive outlook. Personally, it just makes me want to go vegetarian even quicker. Ahhh... the slow process of behavior change.

Unknown said...

Hey M., I am with you. I think my periodic toying with the vegetarian lifestyle just returned in force. Whose cows are feeding in the diaper fields and how far is the disease potential traveling? Localized consumption or exported to neighboring or greater region? Eeek. Too bad cows aren't a decontamination means instead of one for concentration of toxins/disease? Keep us posted! Stay Healthy!