Sunday, January 4, 2009

Live Debris: Red Semilla Roja

During my brief stopover in Portland in December 2008, I met up with a powerhouse lady, Taylor Stevenson, who has her fingers in all sorts of pots that include art, trash, and people. Like myself, she travels and looks at trash. Her work is presented at the website called Red Semilla Roja.

One of Red Semilla Roja's projects is called, "Live Debris: Festival of Reuse Art & Design." It is a rotating show that will take place in Beirut, Rio de Janeiro, and Portland, OR. Here is what she says on her site about Live Debris:

Live Debris aims to share artistic innovation in reuse and recycling from around the world and to create spaces and situations in which artists and designers can collaborate to develop new ideas. The project's primary goal is to dissolve universal prejudices against garbage so that people begin to see it as a resource rather than a burden. If people are able to respect trash, they may also come to respect those people around the world who work and live with our trash.

Go Taylor. I would also add that as people see garbage portrayed in innovative, creative ways, perhaps they would be more open to more creative solutions.

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