Friday, August 29, 2008

At the Curb in Norway

The (other) photo-of-the-day comes from Norway. I am not there... yet. But my contact there seemed to think that I would appreciate a picture of his garbage, set out at the curb. He was right.

Here is what Jostein wrote:

Just a picture from my yard taken this morning, just before the garbage man is coming.
The plastic bag is for plastic.
The green box at left contains paper.
The green box at right contains food waste and residual waste. These fractions are separated at the waste plant.

The streaming sun. The well-contained detritus. The food waste diversion. Oh Norway -- you look lovely.

I have many questions... mostly about how this community commingles food waste and residual waste. Are there no garbage cans? Also, all plastics are bagged together? How much of Norway's waste is landfilled, if any? Looking forward to it.

Thanks, Jostein!

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