Friday, August 29, 2008

UVM: Davis Student Center

I love it. I got two emails today with pictures of trash cans. I'll post 'em!

The first is from the University of Vermont's new Davis Student Center. UVM jumped through all of the Green Building hoops and got LEED Gold Certification for new construction. Go UVM.

Brooke, who sent the photos of the trash cans, reports, "The small electronics ones are the first that I have seen, especially on a college campus." I agree -- I don't see much e-waste collection in public spaces. As far as signage goes, I like the one that says, "Recycle Your 'Techno Trash' Here." 

Techno trash? Like, glow sticks? (heh)

Thanks for the update from the land of milk and honey (and no billboards)! I heart Vermont.

photos: Brooke Denegre

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