Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ode to My Recycling Rollcart

"Oh You Sexy Rollcart"

It's 6 a.m., and I awake with a start;
Did I do everything I need to do with my rollcart?

Through the week my apartment neighbors and I all threw in
our commingled paper, metal, and plastic bottles (anything with a neck was a shoe-in).

We also added our plastic tubs; anything greater than 6 ounces;
rinsed, of course, or else the hauler pounces.

We kept the plastic bags out, 'cause they jam up the rollers.
We put our glass on the side, for glass-recycling or the trollers.

Last night, before the pickup, we rolled the bins out to the curb;
gave them a little space between them so the hauler won't be perturbed.

This system seems more efficient 'cause we only put the bin out
when they're full of our recyclables; saves some gas, without a doubt.

Oh you sexy rollcart: you hold it all.
Your contents will neither get wet nor get blown around this Fall.

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Yi Zhang said...

so touchingly beautiful.