Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Connection in Komiza, Croatia

So picture this. I'm going for a hike on the island of Vis, on the Dalmation Coast of Croatia. Over in the distance, what's that white rock sliding down the hillside? Unconsolidated trash. I start snapping pictures.
The next morning I run up the hill for a closer look. Sure enough, it's the local landfill for the little town, Komiza. Not only that, there's another visitor.
Whenever he is early for work, he drives up to the dump to "see if there's anything interesting." He says that winter and spring are the "best trash seasons" because there are more interesting pieces of furniture and old tools from spring cleanings.


Monica said...

It reminds me of the Bjork song "Hyperballad." "Every mornig, I walk toward the edge, and throw little things off/Like car parts, bottles and cutlery; whatever I find lying around/It's become a habit, a way to start the day"


Shanna and Marty said...

so when will we get to see some sailing photos?

if you post 'em we will post some photos of us back at work... uggh.