Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shanna and Marty

I am currently traveling with Shanna and Marty.  They got married a month ago (congratulations!), and very graciously invited me to tag along on their honeymoon when they found out I was planning on going to Norway.

Shanna and Marty just bought a Volvo in Sweden.  Volvo offers some incentives: they reduce roughly 8% off the sticker price; they give you two roundtrip tickets to Europe and one night in the Gothenburg Hotel; they also register and insure the car for two weeks while you tour around a bit.

It has been smooth traveling thus far.  I did the tour of Oslo Airport on my own.  Marty kind of dragged his heels when I said that we were touring a landfill on Day #2 (understandably so), but then it turned out to be a really neat recycling facility.  I think he asked the most questions of all of us!

Anyways, thank you, Shanna and Marty, for bearing with me when I ask to pull over to the side of the road "because we just passed a really cute trash can."  

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rgratzer said...

So that's where Shanna is!

Cool travelogue and trash shots, Meredith!