Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Day in Portland

I had a great last day in Portland.  It was the Belmont Street Fair in Southeast.  In true Portland Event Recycling fashion, they had clearstream containers paired with each trash can.

This is what the street fair looked like.  They closed off traffic, and set up booths with food and crafts.
That evening, my buddy Dave threw a going away party. Rachel made an amazing cake with three flavors, lego figures, and trains and cars.  Thanks, Rachel!

I dressed up in a trash bag for the party, which was themed "Trash or Treasure".  

Finally, I got some really cute cards from friends that were full of well-wishes.  Zip, what?
After a few hours of sleep, Gene dropped me off at the airport.  It was weird to go to PDX to actually travel (I've worked on Portland International Airport's Waste Minimization and Recycling Program the last few years).  As I walked towards the Lufthansa gate, I snapped these photos of the public area recycling bins.

Light was streaming in on the North Terminal Food Court waste bins.  PDX is the first airport to offer public area composting.  The signs look great -- clear pictures, simple text, and bold colors.   

Here's another card that I got.

And the journey begins.  
People.  Behavior.  Waste.  Technology.  Talking.  
That's what it's all about.

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David Ross said...

Yeah! What a fun party Meredith, I'm excited you are on your way although I know I'll miss you tons.